Simon Feldkamp Co-Founder
Simon is a Microsoft technology enthusiast, a resolute problem solver, and an experienced Microsoft Cloud solution architect. Together with Sandra Ramsauer, he founded AskMeWhy in 2012. He has many years of experience as a software developer and engineer of solutions based on Microsoft technologies. His natural flair for visual creativity and aesthetics are reflected in the AskMeWhy solutions.

Already in their time together with the previous employer, Simon and Beat discovered that by complementing their talents and strong team, they were able to develop sophisticated and convincing solutions for their customers.

Simon is active in all parts of the company and has been instrumental in making AskMeWhy a name in Office 365 and SharePoint in Switzerland. Whether it’s the solution of a technical requirement with the development team or an innovation in the seamless solution, Simon does not give up until a problem is solved.

Beat Gfeller Chief Operating Officer
Sandra Ramsauer Co-Founder
Rita Delay Back Office