Good Morning Serbia! If coffee doesn’t do it, maybe this post will wake you up – that’s right, our amazing team in Belgrade is growing, and we are still looking for experienced Fullstack .NET Engineers.

A couple of weeks ago, Milos Hajder joined our Belgrade Team. We asked him, why he chose AskMeWhy and what he likes best about his new teams.



Milos, what were the reasons you decided to join our team?

One reason was the usage of the latest .NET technologies (.NET Core, latest Angular) in process of creating solutions for everyday usage.

In addition, the AskMeWhy culture seemed very appealing to me. I’ve had very pleasant interviews that were not like the classic Tech/HR interviews. I also appreciated the feedback culture and the proper communication between me as candidate and you as company.

From the interviews I’ve had the sense, that the AskMeWhy Team is small but very well organized. Now as I’m here I can confirm that it is like that. Also, the AskMeWhy and Seamless Websites are looking very professional – this showed me, that AskMeWhy is serious in creating something simple and with great quality.

Thank you for the positive feedback – Now, since you are working with us, what positive surprises did you encounter?

My onboarding was easy and nice. To start with, I’ve had a big Toblerone on my desk!

Regarding the technical aspects, already on the first day, the Seamless application was up and running in my development environment and I could see, how things are working. I was even able to take over some tasks already. The code and the whole project structure are very clean and made to be maintained easily. So, it was very easy for me to debug and just start working. As usually this is the hardest part for every beginning, it was a very pleasant experience to start like that. 

When I started to work, I had a sense that the team is well organized and that there are good principles for working and decision making. I must say that it was surprising, that it’s like that in every working day. For me it is rare (this my 4th job) to have structured processes like that. Many companies say that they have procedures and a good organization, but it’s rare that you have that in practice not only on paper. “

Thank you for this nice feedback Milos – we are very happy having you in our team!

If you’re as versatile as a Swiss army knife and were born with a smile on your face, please apply here!