After years of experience creating custom collaboration solutions, we’ve learned that most customers want 80% of the same functionality, with corporate branding and intuitive user experiences. They also want their solution up and running fast. Seamless from AskMeWhy delivers on all these fronts and more.

Our home-grown team and project workplace was built for different industries in mind. As a full fletched digital workplace solution, Seamless offers two different versions to meet the needs of your diverse users. Seamless Projects delivers a collaborate experience with deep integration with Microsoft’s cloud-based products Office 365, perfect for your teams who need to collaborate on projects. Seamless Drive allows to replace your fileserver by storing your corporate data in a structured, organized and secure way in SharePoint.

The combination of Seamless intuitive platform features and continued customer success model ensures that you are empowering your projects and teams.

As part of the upcoming release of Seamless, we’re implementing the ability for our customers to map Seamless to their corporate identity needs so users feel closer to their business. Below is a preview of the new branding features.

Do you have questions about Seamless? We are at your disposal.