The Swiss Microsoft Elite partner itnetX wants to standardize processes from acquisition to project work. In addition, employees should be better informed about news in the company. Based on its software Seamless, AskMeWhy developed an interface to the existing software Dynamics CRM Online. Project managers can now easily open standardized workspaces, grant authorizations and invite users. In addition, the clear single-point-of-entry reveals the users an overview of their ongoing projects and informs them about company news.

The situation

As a Swiss Elite Partner of Microsoft, itnetX always works with the most modern online tools from Microsoft, such as Teams, Groups and Yammer. However, these tools do often not provide sufficiently clear structures in project work. That’s why itnetX executives were looking for a solution for the structured filing and storage of documents. ItnetX uses Dynamics CRM Online to manage its project, customer and supplier data. Therefore, the requirement was that an interface can be used to create preconfigured workspaces that support the operation of projects, e.g. with ready-made folder structures or data storage for different roles in the system (public vs. confidential documents). In addition, the start page should keep users informed about the company news.

The approach

First of all, the needs of the users were determined with various workshops in the company. Based on the results, a generic interface between Dynamics CRM Online and Seamless, the project solution from AskMeWhy, was developed. As a result, customers, projects and suppliers are opened and updated directly in Seamless via the interface. In addition, project managers can use the Seamless Wizard to open new workspaces via self-service. These apply authorizations directly from the CRM and contain predefined, standardized folder and file structures. The respective owner of a workspace defines external and internal project members, access to confidential information and project-relevant tools. This leads to uniform standards for internal and external projects.

The result

The introduction of standardized workspaces led to a more structured organization of data and projects, as well as cooperation in the individual departments. In addition, the processes from acquisition to project work are uniform, which makes it easier for employees to orient themselves in different workspaces. All information is located in one central location, while the leading system in operation remains the CRM. With the flexibility of Seamless and its self-service capabilities, project teams can quickly and easily get started on content-based project work without putting a strain on IT. And with the clear Seamless Homepage, the single-point-of-entry for projects, employees are always up to date on the latest news. At the same time, teams keep the overview of the status of ongoing projects, combined with the most modern tools for daily project and team work.