Project and team members create documents or presentations every day. However, they do not always use the latest, brand-appropriate company templates.

Officeatwork’s Template Chooser for SharePoint makes it easier to find, use and manage your templates in SharePoint and MS Teams. That’s why we integrated the Template Chooser for SharePoint into Seamless for you – free of charge.

Having the latest Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project templates at your finger-tips at any time and on any platform simplifies collaboration. That’s why we’ve integrated the modern “Template Chooser for SharePoint” add-in into Seamless. When starting the Template Chooser, the list of available templates appears, and the new document can be created with one click. To reflect your organizational needs, you can offer different template collections. Templates can be easily published or replaced by uploading to the SharePoint document store, and access to confidential templates can be restricted.


If you would like to find out more about Template Chooser for SharePoint and Seamless, please do not hesitate to contact us at