AskMeWhy's Seamless listed in Clearbox Intranet Report 2018

Clearbox Consulting from Chester UK just launched the brand-new SharePoint intranets in-a-box 2019 report, covering 56 turnkey intranet and accelerator products for SharePoint and Office 365. It’s the most comprehensive buyer’s guide available covering 56 intranet products including Seamless, AskMeWhy’s SaaS to simplify project work with Office 365 and SharePoint.

Clearbox’s view on Seamless

“AskMeWhy’s experience with ERP and CRM systems might lead to useful integrated features within your Seamless implementation. The homepage designs we’ve seen focus on documents, rather than showcasing news, reinforcing the product’s positioning as being about collaboration rather than the communication side of intranets. We like the project-manager view concept, and the project portfolio looks like a useful layer if you use team sites heavily.”

How to get the report?

The report is available for purchase via Clearbox’s website here.