Simplify your project work with Seamless

Microsoft Office 365 is today one of the most widespread collaboration software and is used by companies worldwide as the basis for team and project collaboration. Microsoft Office 365 includes central tools for daily collaboration such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, but also Skype, SharePoint, OneDrive or Yammer. Thus, Office 365 offers a technical variety that is demanding for the user, but not necessarily intuitive. However, when building a company-wide solution for project and teamwork, a company needs the right mix of tools that are clear and easy to use for employees. Below, we show you the main benefits of Seamless as a platform for project and team work:

Fast deployment

Seamless is a collaboration solution with an easy-to-use project dashboard combining Office 365 and SharePoint features relevant to project work.
Rather than starting from scratch, you are providing your personal digital workspace, standardised according to the needs and operations of the organization. This will leave you more time to focus on your business goals rather than on technology.

No Updates

With Seamless, your employees have access to your project platform at all times. Seamless offers the highest level of availability because your system administrators never need to shut down the intranet system for updates or maintenance. The solution keeps all programs automatically up to date. Employees therefore always have the latest version of Office 365, so they are always up to date in terms of project work and collaboration.

Fully responsive

We live in a mobile society. To meet the needs of project members, a project platform must be fully mobile responsive. Seamless provides a multi-device experience that allows employees to connect through a computer, tablet or mobile device. This mobile access increases the use of the project platform and facilitates the daily collaboration. This allows employees to communicate anytime, anywhere, and collaborate on documents to advance the project.

Start Collaborating

These are just some of the benefits Seamless offers as a project platform for Office 365 and SharePoint. There are various aspects to consider when creating a project platform. So, instead of starting from scratch, use the easy-to-use Seamless platform, which combines the best of Office 365 and SharePoint. You will simplify collaboration in your project teams, stay technologically up-to-date, keep an overview of your relevant projects and access your documents any time and from anywhere.

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