As an IT service provider, UMB claims to be the “leading edge” in all matters: be it as a Partner for business and technology transformation, comprehensive cloud provider, reliable Software and hardware partner, provider of agile software solutions for digitization, automation and process optimization and as the most attractive employer in Switzerland. 

One consistent platform along the UMB customer life cycle

So far, the process for creating teams and SharePoint workspaces has been handled individually and has been fraught with interactions.

With Seamless, the processes are integrated in the surrounding systems. These interact directly with the Seamless Public API, which enables standardized provision of customer, offer, project and company workspaces in just a few moments. This creates additional security when dealing with the UMB processes.

As soon as a sales representative registers a new customer in the CRM system, a SharePoint customer room with storage for public and confidential documents is automatically created. This enables employees to save customer data in the right place from the very first moment. Access and other security settings are automatically configured according to the template. If an offer is ordered for a project, the project manager creates a team or SharePoint workspace from the ERP system for internal collaboration with guests. Project work rooms are automatically linked to the corresponding customer work room. This enables easy access to all customer information, offers and project data. If the customer enters into a service contract, an operations workspace is automatically created from the IT service management system. Customer and UMB work in one place on the same documents.

Uniformity thanks to the combination of application integration, self-service and standardization

The Seamless API simplifies the provision and updating of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint workspaces. The existing CRM, ERP and Service Desk systems could be quickly and easily connected to Microsoft’s collaboration services. All workspaces and files have unique identifiers, which makes it much easier to find relevant content. New workspaces can be provided within seconds and the team can start working on the content. The configurations saved in Seamless ensure that both the content and organizational requirements are uniformly applied, and that security is applied automatically.

Workspace relations as a driver in the buying process

Before placing the order with AskMeWhy, UMB checked various procedures for an integrated project and collaboration platform. The decision to choose Seamless was made because it allows to build parent-child relations between the technically isolated Teams and SharePoint Sites. This, the typified workspaces and the API correspond our customer life-cycle and integration requirements. Other aspects were the simplicity, practical relevance, robustness, and speed as well as the all-round carefree package and continuous delivery provided by AskMeWhy.