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SharePoint Project Platform

Seamless Projects


Seamless Projects extends your existing CRM-, ERP-, Industry-Solutions and workflows with the advanced features of the Office 365 Productivity Suite, with the goal of empowering employees to focus on content.

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Corporate data in SharePoint

Seamless Drive


Replace your file service with SharePoint. Seamless Drive is an easy-to-use, scalable Software-as-a-Service that securely stores your corporate data in your existing structures, provides full control over shared content, simplifies access control for both internal and external users, and increases SharePoint acceptance.

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GIS in SharePoint



WebPoint allows you to easily capture geospatial information in SharePoint and Office 365. By combining SharePoint Online with GIS Services, you can quickly model new topics and connect the factual data in SharePoint Online with geodata of GIS Services (MapFish).

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