Seamless Drive

Corporate data in Office 365 and SharePoint – simple, secure, structured

Your corporate structure

Store company data according to your usual structures and processes in SharePoint, without stumbling over restrictions or limits of the service.

Data organization and dependencies

Join workspaces and map relationships between the various datastores such as Subsidiary, Location, Area, Project, Team …

High scalability

  • Number of workrooms: 1’000’000
  • Number of files per workspace: 30 Mio
  • File size: <15 GB
  • Number of users per project: 2 Mio


Use the user-friendly full-text search to easily find organizational units, documents or employees.

Integrated in Microsoft Teams

Take advantage of Seamless with Microsoft Teams for even more efficient collaboration. By integrating Seamless into Microsoft teams, the advantages of both solutions in the fields of Communication & Collaboration can be easily combined.

Easy access control

Controlling SharePoint rights is demanding. Seamless Drive provides a simple and intuitive way to control access by internal and external users.

Secure collaboration with external parties

Invite externals to collaborate and keep track of who and when which content was externally shared and who accessed. Interrupt current sharings, individually or for an entire area.

Controlled sharing

With Seamless Drive, it is easy to see when and which employees in which area share content with whom. Stop releasing any or all files in a specific area.

Intuitive design

Seamless has a modern design that motivates employees and eliminates unnecessary clicks. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive and enhances SharePoint acceptance.

Mobile Apps

Seamless Drive is mobile responsive and works on all devices. The files stored in Seamless are also structured in such a way that they can easily be found and used with the Microsoft Office Apps.

GIS in SharePoint


Many object data have a geographical location. This is easy to capture is the goal of WebPoint. With WebPoint, a tool is available that allows you to quickly model a new topic in SharePoint Online. WebPoint has a connector that connects information in SharePoint Online and GIS Services (MapFish).

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SharePoint Projectplatform

Seamless Projects

Seamless Projects extends your existing CRM-, ERP-, Industry-Solutions and workflows with the advanced features of the Office 365 Productivity Suite, with the goal of empowering employees to focus on content.

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