Easily capture geospatial information in Office 365 and SharePoint

Simple and intuitive

Data collection with WebPoint is intuitive and does not require specialization in the GIS area.

Provision of a theme through configuration

The provision for capturing a new topic is by mere configuration. Data structure and input masks are built using the standard functionality of SharePoint and GeoMapFish and require no programming. Deployment is fast and can be adjusted at any time.

Data Quality

Data collection is done using standard input controls. It can be adapted to the data quality requirements by configuration.

Data import and export

WebPoint factual data can be imported and exported to common data formats (such as CSV, Excel, MS Access, JSON) using SharePoint data interfaces. They have a Global Unique ID that allows them to be assigned to the associated geodata.

Mapping of complex data structures

WebPoint can capture topics with complex, hierarchical data structure. At the same time topics may have different / mixed geometry types.

Granular assignment of rights

Rights to topics / topics can be granular by configuring SharePoint Online Granular.


Data collected with WebPoint can be versioned and data changes associated with a user.

Geodata Management

WebPoint geospatial data is stored in GeoMapFish. However, the support of another geodata management (eg ArcGIS) would be easy to implement.

SharePoint Projectplatform

Seamless Projects

Seamless Projects extends your existing CRM-, ERP-, Industry-Solutions and workflows with the advanced features of the Office 365 Productivity Suite, with the goal of empowering employees to focus on content.

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Corporate data in SharePoint

Seamless Drive

Replace your file service through SharePoint. Seamless Drive is an easy-to-use, scalable Software-as-a-Service that securely stores your corporate data in your existing structures, provides full control over shared content, simplifies access control for both internal and external users, and increases SharePoint acceptance.

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