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Because we like taking on an integrated approach.

We believe that our customers are our number one priority and like to take on an integrated approach for that reason, to become a part of your team. As a bonus, this allows your team to gain the knowledge necessary to complete further work in the future.

“AskMeWhy is a front-runner in the industry due to both its substantiated technical capabilities in software development with Office 365 and SharePoint Online, in addition to its innovative and graphic expertise in the design and application of novel, digital workspaces, with specific focus on its dependability in the area of project work.”

Stephen Lingwood
CEO Amstein + Walthert Progress



“We accomplished our project goals efficiently and in record time due to the continual help and support of AskMeWhy. Thanks to their thorough knowledge of the field and their remarkable enthusiasm to deliver innovative services with their operational expertise, AskMeWhy has provided us with the digital solutions that we so desperately needed!”

Marcel Brunner
Corporate IT – Sigvaris


Because we employ experts in a variety of fields.

Our team is made up of highly skilled workers from various disciplines, from developers, DevOps and UX Designers to strategic consultants and content specialists. Through years of experience, they have worked on a wide range of projects and collaborated with organisations of all sizes.

Because we can work at all levels in an organization, no matter how large.

We believe that trustworthiness and collaboration are the key factors in every successful project. This is why our team strive to support you and can adapt to work at all levels in your company.

“We have always strived to find the perfect balance to help us shorten project delivery times and reduce the cost – a blend of our current industry and ERP solution with the latest Microsoft collaboration technologies in Seamless from AskMeWhy has allowed us to do just that.”

Zeno Böhm 
CFO Burkhalter Gruppe

“Thanks to TeamSpaces from AskMeWhy, we were able to underpin the cultural change in our company and simplify and optimize the way we work together. As a result, our project teams work even more efficiently and uniformly.”

Marton Nagy 
Collaboration Architect die Mobiliar



Because we bridge the gap between business and technology.

We understand enterprises from both the point of view of the business and IT sectors. Our model works by bridging a gap between the two – by communicating the business requirements to the technical solutions team, we can ensure that the project meets IT standards and governance frameworks.

Because we are adaptable and trustworthy.

Our main priority are our customers and their success, so we are adaptable to suit your every need. We realise that requirements may change and that flexibility is the key to success for your digital project. While our role as a  full-service provider, compels us to carry out projects from start to finish, we can also experiences, tailor-made to assist you with the implementation of internal or external projects.

“The simplicity and uniformity of Seamless made it possible for us to replace our file servers with SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups within a few weeks and to inspire our employees to work with the Office 365 collaboration platform.”

Marc Rauber,
Lead IT, Swiss Football Association


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