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AskMeWhy supports customers on Microsoft Azure building applications of the future today, by leveraging cloud-native technologies like containers, Kubernetes, microservices, serverless functions, and API-centric designs.





Well-tuned workforce

We work with our customers as a well-coordinated team with established processes and tools.

Added value

We care about your business requirements and values, culture, processes and organization and deliver solutions that fit your exact needs.


We develop productive software solutions and products within reliable time frames and budget.

Staying flexible

We aim to make our solutions and APIs flexible and easy to integrate into customer environments. We have a lot of experience in dealing with cloud-native technologies like containers, Kubernetes, microservices, serverless functions, and API-centric designs. 

Sustainable solutions

Our long-standing team is highly qualified with many years of experience in various industries. Sustainable solutions require an internalized quality approach. We do this by seamlessly integrating reviews, pair programming and tests at all levels on a daily basis.

Delivering quality

We are constantly optimizing our development processes, applying the latest standards and using a modern infrastructure. This enables us to always offer our customers the best possible quality.


Our dedicated development team consists of eight software developers with excellent training and a university degree in software development. In our offices in Belgrade, Barcelona and Zurich, we work with a modern infrastructure and the latest technology.

Product Owner

Our dedicated product owners act as a link between our development team and our customers. As a customer, you can participate in communication and coordination with the team. You can also leave this task entirely to the Product Owner.

Project Management and Business Analysis

Our experienced specialists can support you in project management and business analysis activities.

UX/UI Design

You can access our UX/UI designers to design user-centric solutions or prototypes.


Our architects provide support in topics such as software architecture, conception of IT solutions, building DevOps platforms and integrating your solution into your existing environment.


Our software engineers in Switzerland can be called in for the integration work at the customer’s site.

Many companies use Microsoft Teams for communication. With the right concept, Microsoft’s digital workplace can also be used for project work. Our solutions Seamless delivers the missing extras to use Microsoft Teams as a structured and end-to-end project platform. Therefore, Seamless is particularly suitable for project organizations such as engineering, architecture, construction and professional services companies.

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