We boost your productivity


Working hand in hand with the customer

In the past, digital collaboration with customers was cumbersome. Today, all involved parties work jointly in one, connected platform along the customer life-cycle process.



Electrical engineering at the heart of Microsoft Teams

47 group companies, 100 locations, 3’300 employees and 1 integrated project platform make Burkhalter’s electrical engineering teams even more efficient.


Automated Teams Governance

Without rules, collaboration in Microsoft Teams can quickly become overwhelming. With a well thought-out approval workflow, Helbling enforces the four-eyes principle and ensures the targeted and secure use of Teams for customer projects, organizational units and groups of experts.


Saving time and costs

By integrating the industry solution Volta with Microsoft SharePoint Online and Seamless from AskMeWhy, the engineers of Burkhalter process challenging electrical installations even more efficiently and in a collaborative manner.


Managing geographical objects with ease

Providing users with up-to-date and high-quality geospatial data can be a challenge. By combining Geo Map Fish with object data in SharePoint Online, the geographic information department has a platform to maintain this information collaboratively with external parties.


Corporate communication united in one place

Enjoying a modern and attractive, digital workplace that simplifies the flow of information and connects employees even more closely with the company.


Webshop in Microsoft Teams

Simply pick your products of choice, add them to the basket and check out. It’s possible with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint!


Bridges and tunnels by the meter

BEBO Arch specializes in the development, design and construction of precast concrete arch structures. Implementing efficiently more than 150 projects per year requires a uniform process and a tailor-made project platform.


Management meetings in the digital world of work

The new management portal combines reports and meeting documents in an intuitive portal and thus shortens the preparation time for management meetings.


Establishing a collaborative culture

In the insurance business, projects and partners are increasingly working together and therefore require the tools and culture to support digital, cross-company collaboration. Our SharePoint solution Seamless supports this cultural change.


All projects at a glance

Hero delights consumers by conserving the goodness of nature. Keeping this promise also requires a collaboration platform and to keep track of the many implementation projects. With our Seamless solution, Hero got exactly that.


Clubs, Teams and players

The Swiss Football Association (SFV) organizes its clubs, teams and players in the Microsoft Cloud and uses Seamless to represent the corporate structure.