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We leverage Microsoft Azure cloud-native technologies like containers, microservices, serverless, functions, and API-centric design to craft your next-generation business and productivity solution.





Dedicated team with a liaison

Get exactly what you want without the need to explain & re-explain your vision & requirements to every developer on your team.

Full suite of services

We’re a one-stop-shop when it comes to software & web development. We’ll take care of everything from a full on business analysis to operations for you.

Next generation technology

Regardless of what you need built, we’ll get it done with the latest technology so you’ll automatically be way ahead of the curve & far from obsolete.


Scrum Coaching

UI Design

Front-End Development

Back-End Development



We will be happy to put you in touch for reference information.

Microsoft Cloud

Azure App Services
Serverless & Functions
Azure SQL & No-SQL
Teams & SharePoint


Microsoft .NET Framework
.NET Core
Angular & TypeScript


Azure DevOps


API-Centric Design
Continuous Integration & Deployment

"I am proud to honor and congratulate AskMeWhy as finalist of the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards! This partner goes above and beyond, delivering timely solutions that solve the complex challenges that businesses around the world face – from communicating and collaborating virtually to helping customers realize their full potential with Azure cloud services, and beyond."

Gavriella Schuster
Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner

"We have always strived to find the perfect balance to help us shorten project delivery times and reduce the cost. The integration of the latest Microsoft collaboration technologies in Seamless from AskMeWhy with our Industry and ERP solution Volta has allowed us to do just that."

Zeno Böhm
CFO Burkhalter Gruppe


"AskMeWhy is a front-runner in the industry due to both, its substantiated technical capabilities in software development with Microsoft 365 in addition to its innovative and graphic expertise in the design and application of novel, digital workspaces, with specific focus on its dependability in the area of project work."

Stephen Lingwood
CEO Amstein + Walthert Progress

"Thanks to TeamSpaces from AskMeWhy, we were able to underpin the cultural change in our company and simplify and optimize the way we work together. As a result, our project teams work even more efficiently and uniformly."

Stephanie Wäger
Product Owner "TeamSpaces"

"We accomplished our project goals efficiently and in record time due to the continual help and support of AskMeWhy. Thanks to their thorough knowledge of the field and their remarkable enthusiasm to deliver innovative services with their operational expertise, AskMeWhy has provided us with the digital solutions that we so desperately needed!"

Marcel Brunner
Corporate IT