BEBO Arch International cooperates with licensees worldwide. To ensure efficient and successful collaboration across transnational project teams, the company has decided on Seamless, our Office 365 project management platform. Relevant data and documents are thus centrally available both to internal and external team members and can easily be found thanks to the user-friendly design. The solution was supplemented with a risk assessment and specific project attributes. For engineers and planners, Office 365 offers particular advantages for easy collaboration with external partners.

The situation

BEBO Arch International has a dozen licensees worldwide with whom it has previously planned and implemented over a thousand bridge projects. The typified bridges of BEBO Arch International are planned by a small team in Switzerland. Production and implementation then take place locally on site.

Because the project teams consist of team members around the world, efficient cooperation despite geographically large distances is essential for the success of each project. Therefore, relevant project data and documents shall be centrally stored and readily available for internal and external team members. Additionally, misunderstandings regarding versioning and up-to-dateness of documents need be avoided.

The approach

Seamless, the modern workplace solution, which beautifully combines the most important tools for collaboration from Office365 and SharePoint, already covered many of the requirements.

Upon customer request, specific project attributes as well as a risk assessment were additionally implemented. The project risks can now be recorded and visualized using a standardized form.

After more than two years of use in daily project work, additional functionalities are now being implemented as part of the migration to the current release.

The result

The use of Seamless supports the structured, standardized storage of documents and data and allows the participants at BEBO Arch International to focus on project content in their daily project work.

The agile access for external project partners makes the collaboration lean and uncomplicated. The documents are tangibly centralized in one place for all participants and can be edited by several users simultaneously, without losing any changes. Processing status and versioning are visible and comprehensible at all times. With its easy-to-use integration of the most important Office365 und SharePoint tools in an appealing design, Seamless brings more efficiency to international project work.