We hope that most of you are enjoying your summer holidays with your family or friends, sipping on a cool drink and stretching your feet into the warm sand of the beach. This summer, the AskMeWhy team is releasing a new edition of the Seamless Project and Team workplace for Office 365, SharePoint Online and MS Teams.

We spared no effort to pack new and important concepts into Seamless that enable organizations to reflect the business needs of enterprises relying on SharePoint and Microsoft Teams as a scalable and robust digital workplace for collaboration.

The summer 2019 release of Seamless introduces the following concepts:

Seamless organizational units

Larger companies often divide into locations, divisions or subsidiaries. Subsidiaries within a company, such as the Microsoft subsidiaries Nokia or LinkedIn, have individual needs when it comes to collaboration, processes and branding in one Office 365 Tenant. In order to meet this need, we have integrated the concept of “Seamless organizational units”. Those can be configured to map their own branding, apps, predefined workspace templates, permissions and more.

Seamless typified SharePoint and MS Teams workspaces

Nowadays, companies are largely organized in different teams of employees collaborating to reach a common goal. Enterprises have many different teams and employees can concurrently be members of several teams, sometimes even in different roles. Depending on work content, needs and processes can vary largely between different teams. Therefore, companies often characterize teams based on their content such as departments, teams, projects or different types of projects. Because such characterizations are very difficult to realize with SharePoint and MS Teams, we have introduced the concept of “Seamless typified workspaces”. They easily allow organizations to differentiate and characterize different team-types.

Workspace Attributes

To allow the characterization of project workspaces, we can now configure your individual set of workspace attributes (Metadata) per workspace type. We will continue to enhance the functionalities in this area so that it can be used as a project charter.

Public API

Many enterprises possess upstream processes for the phase before the actual beginning of a project or team collaboration (such as project acquisition, offerings and contract signing). Often, these upstream processes are established in an existing ERP, CRM, LOB or industry solution.

Therefore, Seamless now offers a REST API to create and update Seamless SharePoint workspaces in Office 365 directly from your ERP, CRM or Industry solution. With this API, master data, roles and permission are easily controlled within the existing solution and relevant changes will automatically be reflected in SharePoint Online.

New Seamless App More Apps

As most organizations rely on custom SharePoint lists for their processes, Seamless now offers a new App called “More Apps” that displays the manually created SharePoint lists and libraries in one app.

Overall performance improvements

During the implementation of the new Seamless release we were able to improve the overall performance and robustness of the Seamless Add-In and the Seamless Provisioning.


Would you like to test Seamless in your own Office 365 environment? Don’t hesitate to contact us solutions@askmewhy.com

We wish you a beautiful summertime!