Video data and documents in the file system

As an umbrella organization, the Swiss Football Association previously managed extensive video data and documents from their departments and regional associations on a file server. This made it difficult to find information and documents, and videos could not be accessed from outside. In addition, there was a clear need to replace the file server with a more flexible solution as part of the cloud transformation, and for collaboration in the company to be further simplified.

Access from anywhere

In search of an intuitive and scalable cloud collaboration solution without additional administration and configuration effort, the Swiss Football Association came across SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups, and AskMeWhy’s Seamless, all of which met their requirements perfectly. Less complexity in the IT infrastructure and more self-service was one of the main goals of the SFV. SharePoint Online and Seamless run in the Microsoft Cloud, so they do not need to be installed, and enable collaboration between different departments and regions. Employees can be assigned to several teams and edit documents simultaneously – inside and outside the company. Marc Rauber, Microsoft 365 Service Owner at SFV explains: “Employees can access documents and videos from anywhere, making it easier to work just-in-time”.

Video data and documents integrated in Office 365

“We evaluated various solutions in order to overcome the limitations of the existing file system when storing and editing our video data and documents,” explains Marc Rauber and adds, “The proactive support of AskMeWhy was crucial in our selection process. Setting up seamless was quick and the solution adapts flexibly to our needs”.

“Since all of our employees use Office 365, no additional software is required, so no training is required. Seamless combined with Office 365 Groups and Stream supports both our governance requirements and the publication of videos.” Marc Rauber is satisfied: “Our employees appreciate the simplicity of Seamless and can fully focus on the content work”.